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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
The problem with this's normally "too late" when they are "convicted or found guilty"....

As they would be probably in pieces after blowing up a train or building...

Do I have to remind people that we are not dealing with "normal" criminals here?....

It's not OBD thefts, where there can be a "debate" whether this affects certain cars, if someone has a cloning key set, does that mean they're criminals? or they just happen to work for a garage? is it illegal to possess a cloning key device? should consumer protection laws be amended? what about trading standards? what about bmw warranty? should BMW UK recall all cars in the UK? what about second hand cars etc etc etc....

fcuk that!!!....we are dealing with terrorists here!....they don't care about prison! about dying!...they just want to blow something up and kill lots of people....and to that, I say kick them out!!
I'm really confused. Is this Abu fella stealing beemers with cloned keys?