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Palestinian Israeli Conflict

I understand that this has been going on for a while. However, it seems to me that all of the Jewish friends that I know are about to fly over to "support Israel". How is this conflict any different that any of the previous ones?

Also, seems as if the Palestinian death toll is about 8x the amount as the Israeli death toll from throughout the years. Palestine shot over missiles killing three and then Israel sent airstrikes into the Gaza Strip killing at least 19 Palestinians, including seven militants and 12 civilians, among them six children and a pregnant woman. Now Israel is calling for 30,000 troops to be recruited from the reserve to prepare for a ground battle. Is this really necessary? The Prime Minister of Israel is up for re-election in January, could this be a way of showing force in his last days before the election.

What should the United States position be on this conflict? Is there a line that should be drawn for whether we should step in or not? If we do, I feel that the whole region can sprial out of control considering Iran being a threat and the Syrian civil war taking place along with Egypt having a new leadership. Overall, I feel that the Prime Minister of Israel is being selfish in that Israel needs to steer away from a "get even" response and understand that whatever they do next will affect countries all over the world.


*** I understand this conflict is extremely complicated, just trying to grasp what's going on and here other people's opinions.***

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