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Have to agree with some of the comments above, I've been in the industry a long time too and while I did a few Microsoft exams at the start of my career, I no longer see them as that relevant. If you are starting off in IT then they can be another "tick in the box" to make your CV more attractive but if you've got 5+ years experience they aren't really worth the effort\expense IMO as your experience will count for far more than a bit of paper. I don't hold any current certifications at the moment but don't have any problems getting work.

I have also met some alleged MCITP's who would have difficulty even turning a PC on so they aren't a guarantee of quality by any means.

What I would also agree on is that you require a much wider skill set these days so along with Server skills you'll need at least one or two additional ones like Virtualisation, storage, backups, networking etc as server admins are ten-a-penny now and companies usually expect you to be a bit more flexible\offer a wider variety of skills to be able to carry out different roles.