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Originally Posted by BrazilianBimmer
Originally Posted by Joe- View Post
Milking the insurance company just causes rates to rise for everyone. Insurance company just screws the honest people because of the dishonest.

Only accept oem parts cost 1 they are always worth more. 2 wasnt your fault at all. Your car needs to be restored to the condition it was prior to the accident.
I respect what you have said but it's bull shit.
The real reason that insurance rates go up and stays up is because people are WILLING to pay for the premiums.
Willing? You are required to have insurance. When each company quotes you within the same range of price its not that you are willing to pay you dont have a choice.

Insurance rates continue to go up because of the number of claims within your state pool that is why people with no accidents no tickets rates still go up every year because the number of claims are on the rise not because people are willing to pay...