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Originally Posted by Chris100 View Post
The days of desktop/server support is gone, you could teach most people to build a server these days as there is very little skill or knowledge required
I agree with your other points but dispute this. Everyone thinks (since Windows NT 3.5 really) that because it's windows and looks like my desktop, I know how to use and build it etc. I guess anyone can build a server as such but to to configure DNS (properly with zones, reverse lookup etc), DHCP (with custom scope options) Active Directory (with connections, routing groups, multiple forests) proper subnetting, IPv6, security and a whole host of other things in a proper AD domain takes knowledge.

This is the point that was mentioned earlier - lots of people do it because they think they can and I've been to troubleshoot SME networks where the configuration is simply horrendous. But at the end of the day, the enthusiastic amateur did "build a server".

I prefer the days of AIX, HPUX and SCO where you had to know what you were doing to even get started and an enthusiastic amateur would have no fcuking chance.
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