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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post
There's one thing for certain and that's not that 335i prices are going up. Pre-Sept 07 drop like a stone due to 470pa tax bracket and let's face it, age is a factor also & immenent 435i release, the later ones with ED hold up a little better but mileage is the subjective factor in all cases. I notice that cars with 50k+ cannot fetch a value anywhere near the 30k examples and if you go above 70k someone is going to virtually steal it from you. 100k? You may as well give up, I've seen so many of these just sit on the same websites unsold month in and month out.

I think I'm going to pass on this car, I love the colour which is honestly the attraction here as well as the mileage. It may be genuine but I can't chance that the paint underneath isn't vandalised.

sigh...i paid 23k a year and a half ago for my car then 2.5 year old which i thought was fanastic deal since it had 23k and almost all the miles at 56k i doubt i would get 15k..depreciation is a bitch
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