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Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
$55,000 with HRE wheels. $60,000 with both sets of wheels.
Looking at cars so this caught my eye. No offense but I think the price is way too high. The car has clearely been raced around at very high power levels. The car itself if it were 100% OEM and running normally would be worth maybe $22k given it's history.

On the mods many of them are worthless especially the appearance ones. Your best chance to recover some money and sell this car is to part it out. As it sits with all the parts on OEM rims I would be willing to offer maybe 30k. I would sell the turbo kit and performance parts for maybe $10k if I'm lucky but then spend $3k in labor + finding OEM parts to remove them and wind up with a decent car with brakes and a few appearance mods, but raced hard and not likely to last as long, for $22k.