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Ive been a LUX owner for about a year now. After doing MUCH research, i pulled the trigger on LUX because of a variety of things: product quality, customer service, community reputation, etc.

during my research stage, ive found countless threads of people complaining about the outer rings on EVERY BRAND. the problem is the design by BMW. the truth is, with my lux, at noon, facing the sun, the rings arent very pronounced when standing in front of the car and looking at a downward angle towards the center of the bumper. HOWEVER, usually, at eye level, (ie. looking in the rear mirror) the lights are much more pronounced.

the design of the angle eyes are a little finnicky regarding viewing angle. some angles look beautiful while slight movement makes them look like they're turned off.

i took this picture because im selling my LUX kit, but these things are damn sexy. i always love watching reflections from window store fronts and chrome bumpers i end up behind. this photo was taken at 1:30pm CST, no shade, sun positioned slightly behind the car.