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Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
These cars can take beating. Look how many people have over 70,000 miles and their cars still run like champs! $30,000 for as it is with OEM wheels?
For $30,000 I will give you, BMW Performance seats and Custom rear seats, rollbar, BMW performance steering wheel, Brembo, KW Clubsport with Swift spring, Single Turbo, PROceed, Intercooler, Meth kit, Two set of wheels...HRE R43 & BBS E88 with tires. That should be little less than $30,000 right there.
I am looking for someone who appreciate the car and does care about apperance mods or performance mods i put into this car. If you don't like the price simply walk away. I will keep the car. You saying some of my mods are I shouldn't even reply to you.
No offense but you know no one is going to buy this thing for even 50% of what you are asking as is right? I am just trying to throw out ideas on how you can sell the car and get some of your money back on it.

Start taking off parts and putting it back towards stock reovering money where you can. Then at some point you'll get to a car that you're comfortable selling for the $25k or so it's actually worth.