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Originally Posted by boymonkey View Post
What's she hiding anyway? Whorehouse?
Dear God I hope not. Although, the ones running it are usually overweight and not attractive, so it would make sense.

Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Yea, let us all know what drugs she is hiding in there, lol...
Got in yesterday after fighting with her. No drugs that I found, but the place was dirty, even though she said that cleaners has come. We listed everything that still needed to be done before she moves out.

Funny thing is, after fighting with her to let us show the home, she said that we would have exactly one hour starting at 11 and that the alarm would be turned off then and then she would turn it back on. We get there. Nobody is there. And she has already had the power turned off. How can you have an alarm system with no power stupid. She is just so...... can't even find the right words. Just 4 more days. Can't end fast enough.