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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
The LP560 I saw was yellow. It was loud but I know for a fact that it wasn't turbo'd. Lamborghini's have a distinct sound when they are fitted with turbos. It had wheels on it too but I couldn't tell what they were because it was dark out.

The UGR TT is white and owned by Jamie. It's pushing 1500+ hp. Sadly, I only know of him so I can't get him in contact with you. Lol
Yeah that's the cat. He always pops up when you least expect him. I'm sure I could get in touch with him through the right people but that kinda takes the fun out of it. I know the car makes good power and I've heard all sorts of different numbers, but I've never seen it run anyone or make a pass. My buddy's Evo has went 9.30s @ 160, which is all sorts of close to 1000-1300 wheel horse full weight Lambos. Even if he puts him down, I'd still love to see it.

The yellow car, I have no idea about. That's a random as far as I know. What area were you around?

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