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Originally Posted by KUSH View Post
The flap could easily be pushed from side to side the motor was not working at all. I also notice my car seemed to idle at higher revs & gradually slow down when I just stopped it just runs even all the time. Im glad I did it & i think quitye a lot of these cars have this problem but the owners dont know. The DISA itself was very clean when removed no oil or gunk so I believe the unit motor itself is the problem. I purchased the disa from
Well this is very true. If it wasn't for me searching and reading up as much as possible I would never have come to the conclusion that it could be a DISA flap problem. And while I do enjoy driving with music on the go, I like to hear what my car is doing so always pay attention to noises, especially with the window down, and this is how I first began to notice this noise which was very light and intermittent during light accelerations and this was from just after I bought the car in mid 2010. So yes, if I was someone else less concerned and not paying attention to noises, chances are I would hardly even notice it. And in all honesty, when I first took it to the agents I thought it was something as simple as a noisy dual mass flywheel, but then they suggested that the engine was pinging and began with the play the "it's normal" game - knock sensors are there to prevent this and help the ECU make extremely fast timing corrections to prevent this, so chances are you don't even ever hear anything. Plus our fuel is not that bad, not nearly to the extent that they would have you believe. Moral of the story, when it was that I suspected the dual mass flywheel it was annoying but not life threatening as far as I was concerned, but the moment it went from this to a suspected pinging issue, my worries grew!

Interesting to note on RealOEM is that there are two revised DISA 1 motors but only one revised DISA 2 motor - maybe more failures in general with this particular one!
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