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Originally Posted by AWBimmer
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Ebbbay. £25 inc delivery. ( search e92 alcantara). Second set I've had. Choice of colours and stitching. Only prob is you need to butcher your originals as need the plastic fittings. Had no issue on my naff 335 plasticky ones but not going to butcher my m3 ones!
I typed in e92 alacantra but only real one that shows up is the weighted manual knob from bmw direct.. am I missing something?
Are you after the gear gaiter and handbrake cover? More come up with e90.

Noticed in your reply you spelt alcantara wrong? May be worth checking. Should see for £24.99 for both. If colours required not listed just mail them. They do all colours. Think they are called ' Top Gaitors'

If you want pm me and I'll send you link.