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Jason, thanks for letting me drive your car -- those DA midpipes makes such a big difference and your suspension is so forgiving

Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
Any Night Owls on??
Sorry, I've been sleeping fairly well lately. I think it's much needed rest

Originally Posted by M_Truong View Post
Buy my Volks so I can buy some BBS E88's or Work Brombachers.
Jason got a quote from WekSos for the brombachers.. 3.5k iirc?

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any handy men around milpitas/sj area? I need help opening my hood. The center latch isnt opening up but the other two are

ill buy you beer or throw some cash your way! Cant change my oil if my hood wont open!!
Originally Posted by zsupreme View Post
/\ tried this

as a background, i got into a minor fender bender a week before. I was able to open the hood fine before the incident. Stevens creek bmw wants to charge me $202 an hour just to look and diagnose the problem

I was hoping someone had been through this before and knows what to look for. Ive tried throwing in a few screwdrivers to manually pry it open or even move the latch but with no luck
Who's your SA at SCBMW? Lol I'm in a similar situation.. I can't change my tires if I can't find my wheel lock key and my traction control kicks on at least once every day because of my tires

If anything I'd be able to help you out with if you do decide to go through their dealership. I might be going in soon to have them check on my car as well as an oil change.

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Anyone interested in buying my Performance wheel (without trim)?
So tempting. What steering wheel are you using now? I saw you've sold like 3 in your listing!

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let me know when you guys meet!!
I just came to CA 2months ago and bought BMW 2months ago also..
so I wanna meet you and share info together!
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any meeting on NORCAL?
Welcome! It gets slow during this time of year but we do have our almost
weekly coffee meet.

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I never get invited
Sorry, bro! Initially I went to pick up Jace so he didn't have to wait and then Jason met up with us for lunch. I'll be back at SE next week if all goes well so I can get all my installs done for the year.