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Logs: Procede 2nd Gear Misfires? Sparkplugs are brand new

Hey all, i just shot out an email to Shiv, but i thought that i should post this up for some extra insight. Here is what i said:

Hey Shiv,

**I am assuming that these are misfires, i get the SES light, loose all power, and get a farting/backfiring sound***
I had been getting misfires a couple weeks ago, so i ended up replacing all 6 spark-plugs. This stopped the misfires until today. Today i got probably 5 misfires in 2, 3, and 4th gear under 70-100% throttle.

I only got a chance to datalog my last misfire, which occured in second gear. Im having trouble reading the log, and it seems that the Procede didnt even catch the misfire?

First Log

The first attached log, called 'parkinglot' was when i floored it in 2nd gear, and it only went to about 4K or 5K RPM before the SES/farting/no power occurred.
I opened up the log (not really sure what to look at) and saw the 12045/12140 DME codes. I plugged back in the trunk golf-tee mod cable because i heard that one of those two codes caused it. Then i went back out and did another run:

Second Log
This log went fine, and pulled all the way through second gear.

What should i do? The plugs have only 100 miles on them, at the most. Im just having trouble figuring out how to read these logs


Here are the files:
Attachment 783059

First one is the good log and a log that i took when checking for codes in the parkinglot.

The second attachement is the one that the misfire occured on.

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