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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
The season is just but over for a few weeks and your already doing your early planning. Awesome.
Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
Your car should be a monster on the track. Camber kit, juice, AST 4x00, inter-cooler ... track rims (Can we roll your fenders to stuff in some 265 or 275s? Seb has a tool)... You just need some new solid disks and PF01 pads and your ready to rock.

I would check auto trader, Kijiji, Auto Hebo, LesPacs etc for a few samplers.
This season was a complete write-off! I did the Viper LCMT with you in May and was then adjusting to my new rotors, remember the pads being chumped down rather fast?

Then I fell sick end of May but still went to the June LCMT BMW Qc event. I took it a little easy then.

Then my mum passed away in August and I cancelled my other events. The last event in October, we all know what happened, drove without boost....

So the last time I actually drove fast was in 2011......
SB, Terra, 6MT. Only a few mods here and there.....nothing extreme!