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Brand new turbos now this...

Just got brand new turbos installed from BMWNA, I get the car back seems to run good no wastegate rattle or anything, although when i stomp it in Map 5 right into limp mode, shut the car off back on and limp mode is gone, in map 0 it wont throw limp mode but it seems to have less power, hooked it up to my laptop tried a pull, looks like its only hitting 7psi before it goes into limp the following codes i pulled off the DME DED2, F9E3, 2FD2. No check engine light no other symptoms and I got a friend who is a tech (he installed the turbos) he said the turbos ARE NOT spooled from the factory and need to be broken in hints the reason in a brand new 335i you dont have full boost until the computer recognizes your 1st oil change. he said that may be a sensor implaced to prevent turbos from powering up too much before they are broken in.. anyone have any insight? do you think that is whats going on, oh and there was a smalll smalll oil spot under my car when i pulled out of the garage nothing crazy tho, and It asked for a quart he said that it lost a lot of blood in the transplant so might be settleing into the new turbo oil lines.