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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
This season was a complete write-off! I did the Viper LCMT with you in May and was then adjusting to my new rotors, remember the pads being chumped down rather fast?

Then I fell sick end of May but still went to the June LCMT BMW Qc event. I took it a little easy then.

Then my mum passed away in August and I cancelled my other events. The last event in October, we all know what happened, drove without boost....

So the last time I actually drove fast was in 2011......
So the upcoming season should be a bonus. Boy all that pent up track wanting from this year. You'll be a demon next year.

Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Yes, next year Which club do you recommend? BMW, Porsche, Other?
It depends what you are looking for. From an intermediate standpoint If you are looking for very conservative, with mandatory point bys and passing only on the straights, I think any of the organized clubs are best (BMW, Audi, and Porsche Club).

A little more challenging but still very organized and safe with passing in many more areas but with point-bys; there is Viper/Bimmer, Subaru Club, Phoenix CMR.

Of course if you like things a little more competitive () the advanced/expert groups of most clubs there are no point bys and passing anywhere except at the apex.

I'll have to cut down for next year, but I'll do the Viper/Bimmer events at LCMT and CMP (They may try and get a WGI). I'll also do Phoenix at WGI, ASE at Mosport and at least one BMW Qc, and likely a BMW Patroon or BMW Genesee at WGI and cap the season with NJ PCA at VIR.

You should come along for a CMP, LCMT and WGI.
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