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Originally Posted by rollinstone157 View Post
If I may, your problem can be rectified more easily than a set of ballasts.

But if I were to do a high-wattage D1S ballast, I would get your OEM ballast and wiring harness modified, rather that going with an aftermarket ballast. The OEM Hella projectors can take the heat. Even if an aftermarket 55W D1S ballast existed, I wouldn't want it. I wouldn't trust that startup current with the FRM.

But the issue is that you have crappy bulbs. No matter how you cut it, there is colored glass on this bulb to give them a 6000K output. I'm assuming they're also aftermarket? HIDplanet has measured noticeably lower output with 6000K aftermarket vs. 4300K OEM bulbs. Fine for fogs and such, but I wouldn't ever put something that I know reduces nighttime vision in my headlights.

I gather you want a whiter light than the stock 4300K bulb? What you want is the new gold-standard of OEM bulbs (on new F10 I believe, several Benz's), the OSRAM CBI (cool blue intense). It creates a 5000K color by using a different salt mixture rather than a color tint, so there's no lumen loss from the glass. In fact, the lumen output is slightly higher than the defacto Phillips 4300k OEM bulb. Comine that with the higher color temperature, and it definitely appears brighter. Cheaper than OEM Phillips replacements through BMW, you can get them from for $200.

I think they'll have a black friday sale though, so it would probably be wise to wait about a week. It may exclude these bulbs, but can't hurt!

And if you decide the CBI's (after the 8-12 hours of burn-in time) aren't bright enough, you can get a wiring harness and the OEM ballasts boosted, and then you'll be throwing out absurd lumens.
Where do you get a wiring harness and how do you boost the OEM ballasts?