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This conflict will never be resolved as long as th US blindly backs israel
Israel can pretty much do as it pleases, without worldwide condemnation
And if you so much as open your mouth about their actions
You are labeled as anti-Semitic and all hell breaks loose
Keep in mind that gaza is an occupied territory
It's a small area packed with millions of palestinians, it's actually one of the most densely populated areas on the planet
Ever hear of any pressure on Israel to give back the land they occupied?
All you hear about is "Israel, our biggest ally"
Please someone explain to me why it's your biggest ally
What was the last good thing Israel has done for the US

Another thing to think of
I'm sure you've heard of the whole fiscal cliff issues facing the US
Do you know what is the one thing that is EXEMPT from all spending cuts?
US aid to Israel
I'm shocked how that doesn't trouble US citizens?
So the federal government faces cuts to all departments, including the military
But no one can touch a dime going to israel