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Adjusting Hood

So I am kinda lost at this point. Body shop claims the hood can't be adjusted anymore. Plus I am being a bit anal but I manged to adjust a bit but then the plastic rivet for the hood latch bracket snapped. and I got aggravated.

What I have found is.

1. Adjusting the bump stop + the front hood latchs brings it to proper height to line flush with the edge of the fender.

Problem with number 1 is then the sides of the hood and the fender, the hood now sits too high.

Basically how do I adjust the height at that point.

2. in the picture below, part # 41317173599 & 41317173600 (Number 2 in the diagram) they don't seem to go anywhere. The front of the fender seems to leave a gap between the headlight, hood, and fender. (I'll take pictures tomorrow) that part seems to be sitting above the headlight, I was almost wondering if this should be sitting in between the lip of the headlight to kind of hold down the fender but I am not sure.

I think once I can get the hood issue resolved I'll rip off the bumper and adjust the bumper carriage to eliminate the gap in it's entire form!

Someone help me out here.