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I finally got it done today. 2nd cats are out! the car sounds incredible. When they cut out the mid pipe section (muffler was disconnected), I turned on the car and rev a few times just to witness how a muffler delete sound like. It sounded like a tank. If I had an american muscle car then I would do a muffler delete because it doesn't sound right on a bimmer. Back to the 2nd cats delete. The muffler gargle and pops more now. There is a tad bit of drone around 2K RPM but bearable. However I don't notice any drone when the car is in DS mode. As for loudness, maybe 5% louder. However the exhaust note changed. It has a warm throaty and gargle sound. Overall I'm very satisfied with this mod. Would I recommend this mod? Hell yeah! Here is my setup: afe magnum force intake, secondary cats delete, resonator delete, remus powersound (quad).