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Originally Posted by banky View Post
So i moved to Texas from FL and in FL we don't have emissions... before i would just buy everything straight pipe with no cats and call it a day. Now i have to be a bit more mindful...

anyone know the right combo(s) regarding catless/catted downpipes, exhaust, primary, seconday cats, etc., so that i can still pass emissions?

I was thinking something like catless downpipe, keep both primary and seconday cats, and just get an axle back exhaust like the BMW PE. would this setup pass emissions?

A lot of people have said with catless downpipes its very very hard to pass emissions. I am not sure what the pass\fail levels are in texas, but others have said they JUST squeeked by with a pass and other people have said they flat out failed.

To be honest, you can always 'pass' an emissions test. You just have to ask around and see what testing facilities will pass you. Trust me they are more common then not.

Just for reference, mufflers have zero affect on emissions. They are strictly for sound.