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Originally Posted by MrRetep
Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
In drive the car never uses 1rst gear. From a stop its in 2nd.
Use ds (sport) and you should notice a difference.

"Dropping it into sport or M1 doesn't help"

To OP, the lag you are experiencing might be the Drive By Wire/Electronic Throttle control. I'm not sure but that's my best guess. I think the COBB has a way to adjust it to make it more responsive.
I did read the thread, and I explained to him that from d to ds IS AN IMPROVEMENT.
I could care less how op feels lag, te truth is starting off in 2nd gear opposed to 1rst is much slower to get moving and more "lag" per say.
Op at the end of the day the n54 is a turbocharged engine, no way to get around spooling up turbos, ds is as good as its gonna get.