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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Oops, forgot to call the DVLA yesterday, been up to my eyes (plus a kittle hungover!). Prepping my car to try & sell privately so new tyres on route (these are needed anyway), need to refurb an alloy, then it's going onto a traders website for a flat fee if it sells. If not Ill either keep or try again when it warms up next year. Short list still a manual E92 325/330d or Scirocco R (maybe Golf GTI/R).

Anyway, my track afternoon consistent of a 911C2, Gallardo, XK8, 'Fezza' 456 (I think) & DB9. It was quite an expensive package that I did for my 30th. First & last track day and loved it. Highlights being the Porka & Fezza (the latter surprising me as Im not normally a huge fan), why, because (and I'm going to sound like a broken record) thru were the only manual gearboxes there. Just felt more involved whereas the autos felt more like go-karts - just point & squirt!!
I here you there mate, just went from a paddle shift back to a manual. Having a stick makes it all so much more involving, and rewarding. There are too many "has to be done", mundane things in daily lives. So it nice to just jump in a car and properly connect to road.

Out of all the cars you mentioned as possible choices. the Scirocco R would get my vote. Or the Golf a close second for its all round capabilities.