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Originally Posted by Ninjaoz View Post
BMW genuine CF diffuser for E90 LCI Msport
Technically I don't think this part exists. Firstly there are different style diffusers for pre-LCI and LCI models. If you look closely the pre-LCI diffuser has an accent line about mid-way down the diffusers. The accent line/groove on the LCI diffuser is lower down at the bottom of the diffusers.

Here are two stock diffusers.

PRE-LCI style (single accent line across diffuser)

LCI style (different sculpted area)

Hopefully you can see the difference between the two there?

Now, the BMW CF diffuser for E90 is like the pre-LCI style. See how the picture is on a pre-LCI car too...

It can be fitted to LCI cars (I have seen it not only online but in person as well), but the actual 'style' of the diffuser is not like the LCI one.

Does any of that make sense lol?