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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
You can buy a floor lift style lift from autozone or something for around 2000 but the question is, would it be worth it? My biggest concern is the quality of the lift itself. I would open a garage and create one of these things and make them sign safety waivers that states we are not responsible for damages to vehicle or to untrained person(s) working on vehicle because it was their own free will to work on their own vehicle. Only thing that sucks is you can sue walmart for slipping and falling, what happens if the lift fails and kills the worker or something :/
If you are familiar with the design, it is really hard to fathom a lift failing that would kill someone. Most lifts have safety locks that the arms sit on when the car is in the air. If the locks fail, then the arms are on large hydraulic pistons that would take a long time to drop the car if a seal failed. Finally, the lifting arms are fully welded heavy steel, that unless way overstressed, probably would not catastrophically fail and instantly drop the car. Now if the car is not properly mounted on the arms when lifted, well that is a different issue, but it takes about two minutes to understand the concept to properly use the lift.

If you buy a lift it should certified by the Automotive Lift Institute. As far as I know, the American manufactures all have ALI certified lifts. A nice 10,000 pound lift is not as expensive as you think and if you are a serious DIY'er they are well worth the investment. I suggest you go read up on lifts at under the FAQ page. In 2004 my lift only cost $3,500 installed.