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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
Also, seems as if the Palestinian death toll is about 8x the amount as the Israeli death toll....

Don't get upset because the Israeli's are better at killing. Hamas started this, they position their weapons in the middle of civilians to maximize collateral damage and casualties when the Israeli's strike back. And, since they started this one, no one should cry foul when the victim strikes back hard.

...that Israel needs to steer away from a "get even" response and understand that whatever they do next will affect countries all over the world.

Things have changed, the threat to Israel is greater now. No longer is there a relatively secure border with Egypt. No longer can they count on the United States--our weak and vacillating leadership has contributed mightily to this increasingly unstable situation. And Iran? Full speed ahead in developing weapons (and a declared willingness for first use) that actually do pose an existential threat to Israel. The Israelis may just be in a mood to bring this all to a conclusion on their own terms while they still can. Moderation and tit-for-tat responses may be a thing of the past.

*** I understand this conflict is extremely complicated...
Agree 100%, hopefully this won't go to a full scale conflagration.

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