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Originally Posted by rad doc View Post
Ha ha. I am a sub-specialist and drive a 1 series (well 1M). Maybe i need to up my game.
I'm an ENT and with all the BS we put up with from Ins companies and Medicare I sometimes regret not going with my first plan -- interventional radiology.

At present the Radiologists and Pulmonologists I know make considerably more than I do. We have a very high Medicare rate and a moderate amount of a Medicaid. They contract with the hospital so it doesn't hurt them. I'm private so it's just money pissed away when I take a Medicaid pt to the OR. But in the end it's what they need. Unfortunately a Ferrari is not in my future.

I have a friend who is also an M3 owner who is an Anesthesiologist. He makes about what I make but he took 9 weeks off last year to my 5 days. If any medical students are reading this, think long and hard before choosing a specialty, the difference in reimbursement can easily amount to millions over a career.