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Originally Posted by jjezzile View Post
Sup e90, my friends? We have the best most communitive forum on the web. Just wanna give everybody shoot outs wot wot wot woooo. Ok question, My e90 335i auto when im manually shifting and I get into the higher part of the power curve lets say 5500 close to 6000 she auto matically shifts herself out of that gear.The car is still pulling strong, how can I bybass that command. Ive driven BMWs now close to 20yrs and everybody knows that inline 6 pulls well into 7000 before the valves start to float. Will I be able to control the rev limiter with the Jb4. Is ther any DIY I can do now untill I install software. Thanks everyone rock on!
does this happen while wide open throttle and in DS mode?
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