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Originally Posted by ajm8127 View Post
You are correct. I had the wrong combination of multiplying by 9/5 and adding 32 when I did that conversion.

Am still curious about how putting the axillary oil to air cooler before or after the stock heat exchanger would effect not only ATF temps, but water temps as well. From the beginning of this conversation about ATF cooling, I have been interested not just about ATF temps, but also how the ATF temps influence the water temps. To me, if you could see a drop in water temps for an increase in ATF temps (but still an overall drop in ATF temps compared to the stock setup) that would be a win.

I am very much looking forward to your temperature data.
I agree with what you say and I when designing this I initially contemplated doing it before the heat exchanger for that reason. However, I figured 3 things,..1) Someone will eventually make a AT radiator that would help in the future 2) I really have not had water temp issue with my upgraded fan (850W) and using 85% distilled water and 15% coolant with 2 bottles Water Wetter. 3) There is sufficient data that proves that the Transmission Cooler placement AFTER te heat exchanger and radiator is about 5-6% more efficient than before. I forgot where I read the data but it is out there. That last piece of info convinced me to do it after the exchanger. Besides everyone else on the Corvette Forums do it that way. So why try to reinvent the wheel? It works for them so it should work for us.

I have a busy weekend preparing the house and all the "honey do list" thing with family coming for Thankgiving. So, I may be a little pressed for time in getting the new Molex connector hooked up to get INLET temps but I will try.