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Originally Posted by RequestTheOverhead View Post
Hmm.... that's weird. It could be some electrical interference from a poorly shielded wire, or a high current wire, that closes to your front-center speaker wires. That's the only thing can think of that would cause the sound to start when the headlights are switched on or the revs are increased.
Tried with headlights on, off, every position, doesn't change or add to the noise.

Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
It is the electrical fan from the ecu box. That has been discusssed many times.
Would this fan be rev dependent? the sound comes and goes, and is only at idle.. And in N, I rev it and the noise goes along with the revs.

Originally Posted by petr_rsti View Post
This because the noise from your engine is louder than the noise that is coming from the radio/centre console. Since 335s have low end torque, even at 1000rpm, the noise from the engine will be louder than the weird noise from the centre/radio console hence you think it's gone when it's actually still there. When you don't throttle, and your car is just cruising, the noise will appear again. Or when you are at a light, you'll hear it as well.
It happens at idle only, or below 1000 rpm.. Never during cruising..

I put the car in N, at idle it does it, and when I rev slightly it does it. I 100% can hear for sure it goes away when I pass 1K rpm..

I tried, AC on, off, raido on off, cd out, headlights on off, every position.. Nothing effects the sound.

Only when I rev lightly, the sound goes along with the revs.
And the sound comes and goes. when it wants. So im guessing something engine wise.