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Originally Posted by Jon D View Post
Sounds good, but I can't see either on the Costco website. Maybe they don't list everything; I'll have a look when I'm next in the store.
I've just picked one of these up from the Liverpool Costco, they're not listed on the Costco website but they definitely have them in store at 108, as stated by quattrogmbh.

Most of the reviews I've read on aluminium trolley jacks have been on the the Clarke CTJ1250A as sold by Machine Mart, which is reportedly small, light & fairly flimsy, and they had all but put me off buying one, but this Arcan jack is just the opposite. For a start it is beautifully made, but it is also a lot bigger & heavier than I expected. Provided you can buy the Arcan at Costco it works out at the same price as the Clarke, but comparing specs they're like chalk & cheese ie:

Clarke CTJ1250A

Lift Capacity:........1.25 Tonnes
Dimensions (LW):...533x280
Low/High height:...79mm / 376mm


Lift Capacity:........1.8 Tonnes
Dimensions (LW):...673x330
Low/High height:...89mm / 498mm

I would definitely say this Arcan is one heluva trolley jack & one which I'd highly recommend