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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
Phenomenal write-up & pics! Nice brake pad reviews too.

The 193M clearance - . I'd be biting my nails.

I track my car a lot and did the stock brake upgrade route; SS lines, high-temp fluid, PFC 08 pads. I had cooling issues even with all that so I ended up doing custom brake ducting ( Haven't had any fade issues after doing that.
However I'm still considering a BBK for the consistency and your review has pushed me one step closer to pulling the trigger. I'm in agreement the stock brakes are very powerful but I feel like the braking is not as linear/predictable as it could be.
Thanks for posting the difference in feel/performance between just doing a front BBK and the full thing, very informative.
Thanks, nice job with the brake cooling! Only concern I would have would be clearance on full lock ripping off the ducting. It must get close to rubbing on a tight hairpin?

I knew clearance was going to be tight, so I just hand rotated the wheel to ensure I wasn't hitting anything. To find the correct size wheel spacer I just bought 3 long wheel studs and nuts + a bunch of washers. This allowed me to test fit the wheel and check out clearance. At no point did I put any weight on it with this setup as it doesn't give enough support.

In terms of cooling then temps seem fairly low even when pushed hard. I have placed temp stickers on the calipers to see how hot it got under track conditions and it just triggered the lowest 150C block. So plenty of room. I actually need to sacrifice a bit of my brake cooling for upgrades to my oil cooler as the engine temps are getting a bit hot for my liking.

Originally Posted by ~XxTeexX~ View Post
dont they make a 380mm kit?
No, but Brembo does. However you seriously need to check if the calipers will fit your wheels. Autobahn335i bought a used Brembo GT BBK with 380mm rotors and they didn't fit his 313 wheels.
So unless you plan to be limited on 19" wheels or run 20"'s it's a push to fit those puppies on the car.

For the 335 AP only make a 356x32mm kit, where as the M3 kit they make a 368x36mm and 378x36mm version. I'm pretty sure the M3 kit won't fit the 335 unless you get custom mounting bracket made and it's a big chance to take on something that may or may not work. The 356x32mm kit is pretty good and I have braked from 150mph to 70mph repeatedly on track without any issues. Bedford Autodrome has a 1km straight where you hit speeds around 140mph, brake down to 85mph for a fast chicane and then back up to 120mph before a 30mph hairpin turn. This puts some serious heat in the calipers and I didn't have any issues with the kit and Pagid RS29's.

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Great review, thanks.