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Originally Posted by Exzackt View Post
Not trying to ruin your sale but its fair for buyers to know that the G5 board now comes with the JB4. The upgrade kit is still available, but anyone who were to buy a JB4 new would get a G5 board. Glws
Yes... if you actually read my post, I specifically mentioned:
Retail on the unit as we all know is $479+ shipping and handling.
I was referring to people who would buy a USED jb4 for under $400 and would want to upgrade to a G5 Board. This is to weed out people who would lowball me and say "other Jb4s are selling for under 400, so I will offer you $300."

A new Jb4 (let alone one with a G5 board) is never advertised (or actually sold) publicly for under retail ($479)

I am a fair seller (I wouldn't have over 200 iTrader if I wasn't), and that is why I specifically mentioned what the retail on the unit is so that buyer's are informed.