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For what it's worth, I manage a dealership in Indianapolis, Indiana. I deal with Carfax reports all day long. They can make a great sales tool for the dealer if they are clean. They can also make a great bargaining tool for the buyer if there is damage reported. As long as an accident is minor (as the Carfax you posted appears to be) then it honestly doesn't affect the value of the vehicle much- if at all. A car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

As far as the accident on the report is concerned, I would be more concerned about the quality of repair. I have seen cars repaired by skilled body shops that literally looked brand new. I have seen others that looked like they were done in a barn over a case of beer. In the dark.

If the repair is good (all body panels line up properly, lamps aligned, paint is flawless with no "orange peel" or imperfections) then I wouldn't be concerned by the accident. If the car is not local for you, ask the dealer to send some very specific detailed pictures of the affected area. Any dealer worth his salt will do this for you.
Lastly, as I mentioned before, use it as a bargaining chip. He wants $22,900? Offer him $19,500. Let him counter you. If you stand your ground, and are actually prepared to walk away if you don't get the numbers you want, you might be surprised by the kind of deals you might get.
Good luck!