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New to BMW (well sort of...)

Hi all,

New to BMW (well sort of...) and I've been lurking around this forums for the past few months learning as much as I can of the brand/models. Thanks for all the great info the forum members have dispensed to the larger cyber community! This is such a great asset!

I've been targeting to purchase a lightly used X3 with manual transmission (since you can't purchase SAV's new without an automatic these days) and came across a 328i sport wagon at our local BMW dealership. It never occurred to me to shop for a station wagon... Grew up with a 1966 Chevy Chevelle, blue, three on the tree and distinctly understand the usefulness of this body style. However, SUV's seemed to have taken over my conscience, the rest of the US population too.

We have two Hungarian Vizsla, and need the back space to chauffeur the dogs around. Needless to say, "I pulled the trigger", probably paid too much, but I live on an isolated island in the middle of the pacific with a population of less than 200K. You learn quickly to compromise and move fast on things that show up on island. However, in this case, I'm completely happy with the car after the first few weeks of ownership! Well, except the sound level of the gong... and yes I tried to adjust the sound level in the radio menu system to the lowest setting with no change.

The specs... 2009 328i sport wagon with 8,500 miles, tasman green, saddle brown leather, xenon, convenience pkg, front and rear parking sensors, heated seats, iPod/bluetooth and 17 rims. Not a photographer but below are some pictures.

and its stablemate... 2011 MINI Clubman S... I really like the driving characteristics of the MINI, which lead me to acquiring the 328i sport wagon. I guess I'm a two wagon house now (with a 2004 Toyota Tacoma single cab 4x4, to do the dirty work)

For those that have no clue on what a Vizsla looks like... the passengers in the back that will leave millions of nose prints on the window and countless small red hairs on the soon to be purchased cargo mat... here is a photo:

Saddle brown coat and green collar, could there be a color theme here...

From what I've read, the sport wagon is very rare in the US. A sport wagon with a manual transmission is an oddity. To the OP'er, a sport wagon with a manual transmission and M sports package is a museum piece, great find! I wish I stumbled on a M sports package wagon, but I'm happy to settle with the car I found. I guess a club needs to be formed or some secret handshake for owners of these scarce vehicles in the US.

Final comment, I found a lot of people don't feel the "love" for the tasman green color within the forum. I can see why, as I don't think it would have been on the radar (like a sport wagon) as a potential color (vehicle) choice if I was relying on pictures. However, I'm glad that I didn't order (spec) this car, as I would have chosen a safe color scheme. I find tasman green to be very appealing in person with a brown interior as an accent. The color is subtle, almost a grey with a hint of green. It becomes more green in the sun, less green when it is cloudy. I've received lots of complements on the exterior color in combination with the interior saddle brown color from parking lot admirers and friends.

With much aloha,

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