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Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
Where do you get a wiring harness and how do you boost the OEM ballasts?
The wiring harness will have to be a custom-built affair. I'd use some of the MoriControl harnesses, but you're going to have to build or have built custom adapter plugs.

The ballasts will have to be disassembled, and modifications will have to be made.

Ramping up the ballast is not a terribly complex process (I believe it's just one resistor that changes, I'll try and dig up a DIY) and building the harness isn't difficult (splice on some terminations, and a trip to the junk yard for connectors if they're hard to come by) BUT you are setting yourself up for an expensive mistake if it doesn't go well.

TL;DR get rid of your low-output aftermarket bulbs, get CBI's = impossible to screw up.
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