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Originally Posted by liborio View Post
Anybody look into retrofitting the bulbs from an F10 or F30? Wouldn't it just be the connector and housing? I am sure I am oversimplifying this but thought I would ask.
It would be extremely difficult. The actual rings (just the 0o inside the headlights) are designed differently. They have a bit more of a teardropp-y cross section, and the indentations along the rings are also slightly different. hard to explain, but if you're looking for it and you have the two cars right next to each other, you can see it.

Also, the LED bulb in those cars is a proprietary beast with more similarities to a HID ballast with 2 prongs sticking out of it than a filament automotive bulb. You would have to rework the light pipes to line up with this LED puck, which would most certainly ruin the light transmission of the pipes

Also, the inner ring just receives reflected "backwash" from the angel eye bulb (explains why the inner ring is notoriously brighter than the outer) and the "LED at the end of the lightpipe approach" wouldn't work for that.

Interesting idea, so not worth it unfortunately.