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MIR track rental w 135 in the 11's on stock turbo's and more

Another great MIR rental under the belt, this one ended for me in my first carnage in years.

Great weather, -2600DA to start the day!

Here are some shots from the day followed by a little video of my mediocre runs.

1st off, one of the reasons I love and pretty much only beat on my M3 at these private rentals is the caliber of people and machines that show up. Where else can you hang out with people this hyped up about their cars and drag racing.

Look at these things.....I barely ever see them in person let alone being beat on.

More on this Zr1 later....

My sack of bolts w the MM front tray all the way tucked in

stock turbo 135 tuned by Jake of PTF ran a 11.7x at 120.xmph

6 or 7 of these things showed up, total beasts they are

and then this badass, brought in from Kentucky along with an all motor 9 second Z06!

huge fireball at the end of the run

wheels up!

Half track Lambo domination

Here are the GoPro vids of my runs:

I suck at driving with this clutch as far as launching goes. Solid disk 4 puck race clutch. Loves to bite, HATES to slip. So keeping the turbo spooled out of the hole is hard as shit, or I just suck.

Driveshaft snapped in an unknown location on the last run of the day (typical).