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Arrow The Disappearing Misfire...

So I got a Misfire on Cylinder 1 last weekend when driving the car spiritedly. It was the only code I could pull.

I took it to the dealer and they didn't see any errors on the key so they want me to drive it around and wait for it to come up again before they diagnose it (I'm on CPO so there would be a diagnostic charge).

The issue seems to have gone away as I've been doing pulls all week trying to re-create the issue but the car is not misfiring anymore. A good thing I guess but I thought I'd ask if I should just forget about this and move on or go back to the dealer, pay for the diagnostic and see what they're willing to do with the one misfire that I can't reproduce.

Car is 100% stock with new plugs last summer. My build date was a little older than the injector recall build date window so they haven't been replaced.

Thanks in advance