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my run was crappy, I couldn't get traction I was getting 2.4-2.5 60ft's all day

r/t .076
60' 2.359
1/8 9.074 @ 90.30 mph
1/4mile 13.487 @ 111.94 mph

tune, DCI, methanol, E85/93 octane, 6MT. My car wouldn't boost past 16.5psi for some reason(?) even though I have my additive set to 7 (19.5psi), kept getting a plausible fuel pump code, and kept missing 2nd gear. Only ran 4 times because it was an epic fail and quit.

Then I over-purged my meth on 7/5 on one run, missfired right off the line because of that, and managed to miss 2nd as well. I ran 21.xx @ 40.xx mph on that run

Fun even nonetheless, Jstang ran a great time!
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