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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Correct, they voted for Hamas, who was on the radio yesterday morning as the long-range rockets fell just outside of Jerusalem saying that their goal is to "liberate Palestine". They COULD have chosen peace, but they didn't. Israel may not be perfect in terms of their relationship with the Palestinians, but 60 years of running to bomb shelters and watching THEIR children be killed (although they tend not to shove the dead bodies in front of cameras with the abandon that the Palestinians do) will do that to a people. Moreover, as Golda Meir said, "we can forgive you for killing our children, we cannot forgive you for making us kill yours". The media tends to gloss over the fact that Israel puts up with vast numbers of Israeli deaths by rockets and suicide bombers before launching a retaliatory strike. When deciding whether Israel is "Justified" or not in terms of it's military operations, try to imagine what the US would do if faced with the same behavior from Canada or Mexico. Just how many rockets would have to land in the US before it launched a massive strike against the offending country?

The vast majority of so-called Palestinians should have been repatriated to Jordan or Egypt some 45 years ago. But their home nations chose to use them as pawns in a geopolitical game. It is fundamentally unfair to make that Israel's problem, but that's what's been done. Jordan and Egypt don't want them NOW, because their numbers have grown over 2-3 generations and they've been radicalized by their living conditions. But, realistically and reasonably, who should be absorbing these refugees? It's not for lack of capacity that Jordan and Egypt won't take them back. They pulled the pin on a grenade in 1947, and are afraid they can't put that pin back in before the grenade explodes.

I'll say it again because its pretty damn simple to understand.

Prior to the jewish governement killing this Hamas official, there was PEACE since 2008. It is now because of the jewish government that theres hundreds of rockets flying out of Gaza.

I blame no one for TODAYS situation except for the jewish military taking out this 1 person.