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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post

4) Everything that has happened in the Middle East since 1947, has been colored by #3. There was no legitimate reason why Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, et. al could not have absorbed any actual refugees in 1947. (Israelis and Israeli Arabs have worked together bettter than Jews and Arabs in any Arab country). But the Arab League, as a policy, rejected all refugees precisely because they wanted to use them as pawns to put pressure on Israel.

Just from you saying Israeli Arabs its obvious you are a jew yourself. Any arab living in what you call Israel is first Arab then Israeli second (Arab-Israeli), not the other way around, just as I am an Afghan-American.

Pretty funny how jews use that term. I guess its their way of saying the land was always theirs.

Glad I'm not arab, because they all seem like a bunch of whimps not backing up or supporting their own blood, big shame to arabs....