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Originally Posted by Fox128i View Post
Peace since 2008? Not quite...

There have been 800 rockets launched at Israel from Gaza since January of 2012.
800 rockets and how many killed by those? None? Damage? $300 total, maybe?
What kind of rockets are those when they throw 800+ of them on Israel and ALL of them miss??
They are either terrible shooters or those rockets are made of rubber...

I am not supporting either side, however, when I hear the stories of hundreds of rockets, every day a few, and in 2008-2010 I spent MONTHS in Israel and have not seen/heard a SINGLE rocket/explosion, I wonder, what kind of rockets are we talking about.

Furthermore, one side has killed easily 100x+ innocent than the other side. Gaza strip (I have been there) is the World's biggest cage! And it is not the only cage in Israel/West bank and many more coming up...

Seems to me that it is expected that only one side gives up on everything or...
Sad situation, overall...