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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post

RX7s are nice little cars. The rotary engine in the RX8 always baffled me. Can you even "build" a rotary engine? You cant like bore/cam/headwork a rotary engine, right? Seems like they were trying to be clever, and it fell on their face...
There's several different port jobs you can do to a rotary depending on the level of streetability you would like. It's similar to a 2 stroke where you port a cylinder port wider would be similar to porting a head of a 4 stroke and then you can open it up or down on the intake and exhaust to change timing and overlap similar to adding a higher duration cam. Although doing this on a rotary isn't as easy. You can get a 13B to about 200HP NA with a street port and 320+ with a racing peripheral port setup. Not sure what they've gotten out of the renesis engine after porting I would guess closer to 285 but haven't heard of too many shops even touching that engine.
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