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Originally Posted by mikes4 View Post
I traded 20k points in for Visa gift cards. Essentially cash back. The process was very easy, selected what I wanted from the site, and it was mailed to me in a few days.

If you cant figure out something you want from the site just get the gift cards and go shopping anywhere, or put it in the bank (or back on your balance if you still have one)

edit: I just checked the site and I couldn't find the visa gift cards anymore. there is a section for cash back to your account though. rate is 100:1. your points will get you $750 the cash back is a better rate than any gift card on the site.
Excellent info, and JIT for black friday sales. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Luong View Post
I don't think I earn points - I just have a debit card.
I didn't earn points for years. I just happened to find out through a friend that you have to ask USAA to set you up with the rewards points.