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Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1
Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
for me while I wait for "updates" the first logical step is to fit a tranny cooler. I'll be doing that very soon. it can only help as heat is one of the biggest killers with ATs
Im going to do the same and add that new cooler "kit" as well man. So far i haven't had any issues with my current trans. Cant say the same for the last one though. But when i had the HPF single on over the summer it held fine. However that was on low boost. But things are about to change in the next one to two weeks as all of the fabrication is now complete and my car is in full assembly mode.

Im really hoping you guys can find a cause and solution very quickly. I would be pissed to find out I'm building a lost cause.

Hey Eric, im sure the trans will be sorted out shortly. There's only a number of things it could be...