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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
Hey guys, I busted my OEM chargepipe at the throttle body connection, so whatever was used to make that seal is MIA. I checked around the engine bay with a telescoping magnetic flashlight and all I was able to find was shattered rubber and plastic.

I ordered the ER chargepipe from Jeff, and as he states above, you need the OEM O-ring and C-clip to seal the pipe to the throttle body. However, when I look at the diagram on there is no mention of a C-clip, just the O-ring.

I'm very confused because when I look at pictures of people's charge pipes, they definitely appear to have C-clips on there. Why doesn't Real OEM have the part listed? Are c-clips and o-rings interchangeable or do they work in conjunction with each other? If I do need a C-clip can someone please provide me a part number? Appreciate the help.
The C clip is "part" of the charge pipe, so you are going to need to either:

Buy a new or used Charge Pipe
Buy a new C clip from ECS like ^ mentioned, if they actually sell one