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Originally Posted by mykal335xi View Post
Wedge kept up with Terry in a roll race, so I'm sure 130mph traps in the 1/4 shouldn't be a problem for him then?

Traps in the 1/4 mile tell much more about a cars power than roll races where cars don't get the hit at the same time.
Not sure who you are or why you're making statements about my race with Terry. My recommendation is stop trolling because you're just making a bad rep for yourself.

Everyone who knows anything at all knows that Terry's car is stripped. He's probably 600 lbs lighter and running upgraded RB turbo's. Of course he pulled on me. He's also has 70 to 80 whp on me. Even Serg (Sick335) who was kicking ass and taking names has a weight advantage and 70 to 80 whp. I had no chance in hell, but I ran them anyway because that's racing. I had a blast. I don't care who's tune you're running. I honestly wish more JB, GIAC, and COBB cars would have shown up for this race. If you count the number of BMW 135 & 335's that arrived, the vast majority were PROcede cars. So before anyone starts bashing based on tune, ask yourself why you didn't show up? Talk is cheep. If you were less then 1000 miles from this event and you're sitting at home making comments about this event and you didn't drive to participate you should just go sell your car because you're not worthy.

I got out of the throttle in forth and then got back in once I realized Terry was still pulling. I honestly thought something was wrong otherwise I would have stayed in it.

Not much of a chance considering he pulls on me anyway, but apparently he didn't want to take the chance I would do the same thing as I did in the first race. All in all I had a good time.